MECS is a company that produces small metal goods and precision components for direct customers at international level.

Our solutions are highly customised, but all of them share the same care, accuracy and punctual deliveries.

Thanks to our extensive experience, we are one of the most important partners for a wide variety of fields: we deal with banking automation, industrial automation, photography, commercial vehicles, motorcycling, mechatronics, medical industry, automotive, electronic cigarettes and others.

MECS uses cutting-edge technology and deals with complicated processings. Thanks to our engineering system and its 3D simulation, our customer’s design takes shape before being manufactured.

We deal with CNC workings using a wide range of materials: high speed steels,
non-ferrous alloys, exotic alloys, light alloys, stainless steels, alloy steels, copper and plastic materials.

MECS quality relies on the processes optimisation of the Industry 4.0 and on excellent products, customer loyalty, development of the company and of its employees, respect for the environment.