MECS founded HUB22 Mechatronics in 2018, a business network located in Ivrea. We created this innovation hub to host some network companies and partners working in team.

At the moment, MECS has two offices: the headquarters are at HUB22, while the production plant is located at its head office in Burolo, few kilometres away.

Our company is partner with:

In addition to its synergic relationships with several partners aiming at developing the local area, our company also promotes sport events and deals with particular enthusiasm with topic related to school and training.

Alessandro Suman teaches in a post-secondary school IFTS mechanics course in collaboration with Politecnico di Torino, while Rossella Paccapelo coordinates the project “Sviluppo di nuove iniziative di orientamento e rapporto tra industria e scuola” (development of career guidance initiatives and relationship between school and companies) promoted by Piano di Sviluppo del Canavese (Developing Plan for Canavese).

MECS takes also part in initiatives regarding school career guidance, in the national dual-training system learning and working and the PMI day.