Ongoing projects

  • MECS is a pilot project of the MES (Manufacturing Execution System) jpiano®, which links machinery and processes according to the principles of Industry 4.0. It has been developed to meet the needs of a small company
  • The founder is teaching in a post-secondary school IFTS mechanics course; he collaborates with technical and professional schools and supports dual training system learning and working projects
  • The founder’s wife is coordinating a project aiming at developing new career guidance initiatives and the relationship between school and companies which has been promoted by the Developing Plan for Canavese
  • Our company is acquiring the ISO 2001:2015 certification.

Projects for the year 2018

  • Consolidating the use of the MES at company level
  • Opening of a new DEP for prototyping with a new multitasking machine and a dedicated staff. The new DEP is going to offer a complete CNC prototyping service and, in a second step, it will include technologies related to additive manufacturing
  • Enlarging the offices of HUB22 in Ivrea, in order to host synergic companies, coworking areas and realize a conference room for seminars, meetings and training sessions
  • Developing the company network “HUB22 Mechatronics, that we have founded
  • Organising career guidance initiatives to develop our sector.