Ongoing projects

  • Consolidation of our MES, which connects machinery and processes in the logic of Industry 4.0 on the needs of small business
  • Development of the new area dedicated to CNC prototyping, acquiring new orders and new customers
  • Completion of the renovation of our new operational headquarters HUB22
  • PMI day.

Projects for the year 2020

  • Complete digitization of all business processes
  • Development of our business network “HUB22 Mechatronics” with the inclusion of new partner companies and new international projects
  • Reactivation of English courses for our employees
  • Participation in initiatives for school guidance towards our sector
  • Acquisition of ISO 2001:2015 certification
  • Beginning of HUB22 Academy, a business school that will provide post-graduate training courses, aimed at employment
  • Participation in international trade fairs.