CNC machining


To turn metallic and plastic materials we use six lathes of the latest generation, up to 10 axes and for diameters from 3 to 35 mm.


To mill, we use two machines with 3 and 4 axes, for the manufacturing of light alloys, but we also mill a lot of plastic parts. The maximum working area of processing is 500x500x500 mm.


Experienced staff uses a multitasking machine in a department which is completely dedicated to the production of complex pieces and prototypes.

This machine provides simultaneous turning and milling workings and has got a bar passage up to 65 mm, 380 mm maximum diameter and 24 mm maximum lenght.

This integrated working centre is able to provide a complete CNC prototyping service and will soon add technologies from the additive industry.

Our prototyping department interacts with the project offices of several client companies.


In addition to drawn/profiled bars used in common machining such as high-speed steels (HSS), non-ferrous alloys like copper alloys (brass, bronze), exotic alloys as titanium and light alloys such as aluminum alloys, we are also specialized in the processing of stainless steels (Inox AISI 303, 304, 310S, 316, 430), alloy steels, copper, polycarbonate and plastic materials (derlin, plexiglass, methacrylate, PVC, nylon, HD polythene).

Ecological aspects

For our mechanical workings, we have decided to use organic oils only. We want to ensure the best efficiency of our machinery in the lubrication of bar power supplies and all the transmission components along with our employees’ health and the respect for the environment.

The separated collection of waste materials is carried out in conformity with the current legislation.

Surface treatments

Thanks to the support of our partners, we can supply finished products which have undergone heat treatment or galvanic ones such as zinc and nickel-coating, bluing or which have been fitted.

Mechanical products

Our company produces small metal goods and precision components, more specifically turned parts and milled ones using metal or plastic materials. Prototyping, small and medium productions and high-quality assemblies are our daily work.